Var tacksam...

Shri Bhagwan:
"The universe is so structured that if
somebody has helped you in some way and
you express gratitude, that means the heart is
functioning. If the heart is functioning, you
will naturally express gratitude. If there is no
gratitude, it means something is wrong with
the heart. So first thing is if there is no
gratitude, you must see what is wrong with
your heart.
So, when gratitude comes, the heart sends out
a signal which is received by the person who
has helped you. And when that person has
received that signal, what happens is much
more blessings come to you from that person.
Suppose let us say you want somebody to bless
you, let's say your mother, father, or
grandfather. You may go and tell, I am going
to the exam and please bless me and they will
But suppose you fall at their feet. There are
some nadis [energy channels] in the feet. As
you fall, you press the feet. And these nadis
are connected into their heart. And from their
heart, the blessing comes out. That's what is
called pada pranam.
Similarly when you express gratitude, it goes
straight into the heart of the person who has
helped you and you will get much more
blessings from that person. That is the
advantage you have. From a functional level,
you know that the heart is okay, which means
it is also healthy. If the heart is expressing
gratitude, as an organ it is healthy. Otherwise,
something is wrong with the heart.
The other thing is you immensely gain from
more blessings. The more and more blessings
you gain from people, it is entered into your
bank account. Just like you have your bank
account, there is good karma account and bad
karma account. And this is noted into the good
karma account.
Tomorrow when there is a problem and you
pray, what I will do is I will take from the
good karma account and solve your problem.
If let us say, there is no good karma, then I
take it from your father's account, your
mother's account or some other account. If
nobody has got, then I take it from the cosmic
So it has to be taken from some account.
Otherwise we cannot do a miracle, we cannot
really help you.
So by expressing gratitude, your own account
is getting big. So it will help me to help you in
the future."